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Why Choose a Boerboel

Is a Boerboel right for you?

A Boerboel is not for everyone. They are a powerful, protective breed that could easily overpower their owner if not handled properly. Your Boerboel needs you to step up and be the Alpha male/female in the home. Your Boerboel needs to have room for exercise, fed high quality food, have adequate health care and plenty of attention. If you are ready to commit your time, energy and finances into a great family companion then a Boerboel may be right for you!


We use many different training methods with our Boerboels as we have learned that no one method works with each personality. Using different trainers for learning different techniques has given us an immense amount of knowledge to draw from. Our Boerboels love to spend time training as it means fun, praise, individual attention and treats! We begin all our Boerboels in basic obedience class as soon as possible and expand from there; we ask that our puppy buyers do the same. A well trained and socialized Boerboel is a happy Boerboel!

A Boerboel should be:

  1. Even Tempered
  2. Obedient
  3. Loving and Affectionate – people oriented, always wanting to be by your side.
  4. Intelligent & Instinctive.
  5. Courageous and Protective – ready to protect their family at all times.
  6. Large/Muscular/Agile – these dogs are impressive and draw attention wherever they go.
  7. Great with all the family members no matter the age.