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We are registered breeders with SABBS (South African Boerboel Breed Association). We also belong to the ABC (American Boerboel Club) which is the parent club for AKC. We are now registering all our dogs with AKC so we, and our puppy owners, can take part in companion events such as rally and agility. We now have several showing in the AKC conformation ring.

SABBS is more than a 'paper registry'. In order for a puppy to receive documentation from the SABBS, both parents must be evaluated by an appraiser. I'll explain the process: When I purchase a puppy from a breeding where both parents are SABBS registered, I will receive a SABBS Birth Certificate with that puppy. It will have a number assigned to the puppy along with a 3 generation pedigree. Once the puppy reaches 1 year old, I can have him/her evaluated. At the appraisal the BB is evaluated from the nose to the toes and a 'score' is tallied. A Boerboel receiving a score above 75% receives a full SABBS registration and is approved for breeding.

Nzuri being evaluated at the 2011 Appraisal

SABBS travels to North America just once or twice a year to hold appraisals. The locations are dependant on the number of BB's needing evaluations in a given area. In 2011 we traveled to Los Angeles to have Nzuri & Johari evaluated. For us, the extra cost and time is worth it as it assures that we are keeping with the breed standard. I can have my BB's evaluated as many times as I like; they tend to score better as they mature and fill out.