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Puppy Questionnaire

We would like to get to know you better. Each puppy will have a different temperament and your answers will assist us in helping you choose the perfect puppy for you and your family.

Phone #:
City: State:

Do you have children at home? If so, their ages?

Are there any special needs within the home?

What animals do you currently have in the home and/or on the property? If you have other dogs are they spayed/neutered?

Do you prefer a male or female puppy? Why?

Have you had experience with dominant/protective breed dogs? If yes, please explain.

Do you live an active lifestyle or are you more of a stay at home person/family?

Will your Boerboel go out and about with you? Walks, jogs, hiking, camping?

What type of energy level would you like your BB to have?

Do you live in an apartment? Home with land? Home in a neighborhood with a smaller yard? Is your yard or property fenced?

If you rent are you prepared to provide us with a signed statement from your landlord stating that you have approval to keep a Boerboel at your home?

Do you share your home or property with family members or friends other than your spouse or underage children? If so, do they understand that the Boerboel is a strong, dominant dog and have they agreed to have a dog such as this at the location?

How many hours per day would your Boerboel be at home alone? Will they be left in the yard, kennel, crate or house?

Which family member would be spending the most time with your Boerboel? Please describe this family member's personality (some ideas: kind, sweet, easy going, strong, fun, no-nonsense, disciplinarian, etc.)

What level of training would you like to complete with your BB? Are you willing to commit to take your BB to obedience classes during their maturing years? Are you willing to seek specialized training if it becomes necessary?

Over the years, we have come to realize that Boerboels can be sensitive to immunizations and preventative medications. Are you willing to follow a more natural approach with your BB and allow us to guide you through necessary protocols vs. unnecessary ones?

We feed our Boerboels a Prey Model Raw diet. Approximately 90% of our owners have carried on with the diet and have seen incredible results. How do you feel about feeding a RAW diet?

Puppies need to be fed 3x per day until the age of 5-6 months. Will this fit into your schedule?

My contracts specifically state that if for any reason you cannot keep the Boerboel you purchase from us that he/she will be returned to us before another home is considered. Will you agree to that stipulation?

We have a great little community of Fuller Boerboel owners that share pictures, thoughts, information and provide new owners with guidance. One of us is always available to answer any questions you might have! We primarily do this via a private Facebook group called "Fuller's Puppy Journeys." How do feel about participating in a group like this?

Do you wish to show or breed this Boerboel?

Is there anything else we should know about you or your family?

Do you have any additional questions about us or our Boerboels?

* All information is REQUIRED!