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Stud services available to approved females who are fully registered and fully health tested. We take many aspects of both the male and the female into consideration when deciding whether or not to stud our males.


Sullivan Nzuri Rafiki ~ registered as Rafiki Zuri
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Name Meaning:"Good Companion"
Int Champion / OB1 / SABT: 89.3% Stud Registry
PennHip: 0.50/0.44 No DJD ~ Elbows OFA Normal ~
OFA Cardiac w/Echo Normal ~ En/Ec Free ~ DNA Coat Color: DD/BB

Weight: 155 lbs. Height: 28 in.
Parents: Midwest Kennels Jovie/Great Lakes Rafiki
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Nzuri is an incredibly loving, obedient dog with a strong protective instinct. He loves meeting new people and is intuitive to their dispositions. He is large, solid and has a reddish coat. Nzuri enjoys going on hikes and patrolling the property; he is always on alert. Words I would use to describe him are: Strong, Healthy, Confident


Fuller S'Bu Muzikayise CGC, TT
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Name Meaning: "A Blessing that builds his fathers house"
OB1 / OB2 / CGC / TDI / TT SABT: 87.3%
PennHip: 0.42/0.48 No DJD ~ Elbows OFA pre-lim normal at 18 mo.'s ~ OFA Cardiac w/Echo Normal ~ En/Ec Free ~ DNA Coat Color: DD/BB

Weight: 146 lbs. Height: 29 inches
Parents: America Johari/Sullivan Nzuri Rafiki
Click for SABT Birth Certificate (pdf)

Meet my Baby Bu! This boy has such a great personality with a tall, lean build. He has earned his ATTS, Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen titles, and has completed 2 legs of Rally Novice. He has affectionately earned the title of "Uncle Bu" because of his love and patience with the puppies. This boy just continues to get better with age!


Fuller Knight In Shining Armor - Owned by the Will Family
OB1 / OB2 SABT: 87.8% at 12 months
See poster for health results

Weight: 130 lbs. Height: 26 inches
Parents: Great Lakes Saabira/Afrika Baako

Knight lives with his family in Wisconsin and while they have no intentions of breeding themselves, they have graciously agreed to allow us manage his stud services. We look forward to using him and to seeing what he will produce. Knight enjoys swimming in the pond and hanging out with his human kid.