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Fuller Chioma Dayo CGC, RN, TDI
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Name Meaning:"God is Good, Joy Has Arrived"
OB1 / OB2 / SABBS: 88.4%

D.O.B. Jan. 29, 2015 Weight: 128 lbs. Height: 24 in.
Parents: Great Lakes Saabira and Fuller S'Bu Muzikayise

We are so excited about this girl, she grown into a strong, confident, mature dog! She is easy to take out and about, biddable and fun! So far she has earned her Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog Certificate and her Rally Novice Title. I would describe Ki as: Physically beautiful, mentally stable, biddable


Kadima Amana
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Name Meaning:"Sweet, Gentle"
OB1/ SABBS: 84.4%

D.O.B. Nov. 1st 2015
Parents: Linjo Sparkle and Makulu Laanie Butch

Ama came to us from South Africa at the age of 16 weeks. She is a very energetic, athletic girl. She is a bit of a wild child and we are looking forward to getting her into some fun sport activities! I would describe Ama as: Energetic and a bit Wild!


America Johari~ click for health info & pictures
Name Meaning:"Jewel"
Int Champion / OB1 / CGC / TDI / SABBS: 85.3%

D.O.B. July 20, 2010 Weight: 125 lbs. Height: 26 in.
Parents: Afrika Venus and Afrika Zeus II
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Johari, now retired, is our foundation female. She has produced some incredibly beautiful, stable pups and her offspring continue to pass on her attributes. Johari is a very sweet girl who loves to cuddle and lick faces. She is tall, althetic and loves to run and jump. She loves meeting new people and is a big hit at our local Elderly facility. As the Alpha female in the pack Johari's even temperament and motherly concern keeps everyone in line. The phrase I would use to describe Johari is:"Reigns with Grace"



Great Lakes Saabira~
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Name Meaning: "Patient or Enduring"
Int Puppy Champion / OB1 / SABBS 86.7%

D.O.B. August 18, 2011 Weight: 112 lbs. Height: 23.5 in.
Parents: Monarch Chiara and Sullivan Kovu
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Subey, now retired, has been an incredible contributor in what we have been able to produce. Her pups and grandpups continue to make us very proud. Subey is built like a brick house; stout and solid. She has a very strong protective instinct and though she has a stubborn streak she is very cute and willing to please. She takes her time to warm up to people but her great personality makes her irresitible. I would describe Subey as: "Super Cute with a dash of Grrrrr"


Fuller Taji Johari CGC, RN, TT
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Name Meaning:"Crown Jewel"
Nt & Int Puppy CH / OB1 / SABBS: 87.5%

D.O.B. Nov. 2, 2011 Weight: 125 lbs. Height: 25.5 in.
Parents: America Johari and Sullivan Nzuri Rafiki
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Taji was held back from our first litter and she truly lived up to be everything I wanted. She is incredibly biddable, obedient, fun and enjoys new tasks given to her. She was the dog that we took our first step in Rally with and she completely her Rally Novice Title with ease. We had high hopes of being able to use Taji to further the lineage that we love, but we were unable to successfully have a litter with her. We felt Taji deserved to be the jewel in a smaller pack and so she now lives with a great family and one of her nephews. I would describe Taji as a strong, biddable female who enjoys life.