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About Us

We are Dan & Jennifer Fuller; We've been married 30 years and during our years together we have owned several different large dog breeds. One of those was a mastiff that we adopted from the SPCA. This dog was very large; solid black with a white patch on his chest; loyal, sweet and loving; very protective of his family; and he did NOT drool excessively.

Before his death at 16 years of age, we talked about finding another dog like him. The more research we did, the more convinced we were that he was at least part South African Boerboel.

We read that the Boerboel is a very steady, loyal, loving, protective, and impressive dog, and without all the drool of some other mastiff types. We talked with a lot of breeders’ and settled on one that we felt very comfortable with. And so our life with Boerboels began.

These dogs bring such joy into our lives by their sheer commitment and love towards us! We have purchased many Boerboels over the years and have had our share of the ups and downs that come with the breed. We currently have 6 BB's and they want to be with us wherever we are, whether it be out and about or kicking back watching a movie. Their relationship with us is what drives them to protect - this is their job and they do it well!


What Makes Us Different

Each of our dogs have been raised by us since puppyhood. While we occassionally need to use an outside male, we do our best to make sure that the dog being used has the health and temperament that meets our standards. We tend to stay away from the big names, popular sires and high score seekers. We have taken the time to build our lines from scratch and are very pleased thus far. We will only breed with BB's that meet the breed standards; show even, steady temperaments; and have had their health screening completed. They must prove to be great family companions/protectors before we will breed them. While we attempt to expand our breeding program, we want to ensure that all our Boerboels remain family members. We strongly feel that the only way to truly know the temperament of each one is to have them living and working with us. We spend a ton of time with the puppies, giving them a wide variety of exposure to help them be well adjusted. We desire that all who choose to be a part of our Boerboel family will be blessed by the decision.